How many sides does that dice have?!



I first learned about tabletop RPGs from my older brother who would game with his friends down the street from where we lived.  Not long after, when I was 7 or 8, I put my first crayon to a set of dice and joined in.  Like most tabletop gamers I got my start playing 1st edition Dungeons and Dragons.  I am not sure why but I was immediately drawn to the assassin class and yes, he was evil.  Thus, Zorrod the human assassin was born.


My addiction spreads to many worlds.


StarFrontiersSoon I was exploring the galaxy as Zamferre, a Dralasite, in Star Frontiers.  John Archer, code named Formula 409, fought the Russians, as well as greasy filthy messes, during the Cold War in Top Secret.  My alter egos shot up Wong’s Laundry in Boot Hill, spent several hours planning the perfect covert run only to kick in the door after 5 minutes in Shadow Run, and consistently had their ammo critically hit in BattleTech.


Me?  Lawful Evil?!


PHBI explored many more universes but always returned to Dungeons and Dragons as my main RPG fix.  By the late 1980s, with only one exception, I was DMing exclusively, first using the Greyhawk setting but eventually creating my own worlds to torture my players with.  My mission as a DM has always been to make every important decision made by the players meaningful and challenging.  This has led a to number of arguments where I was accused of being evil, well Lawful Evil specifically.


Tales from the Pickled Dragon.


Today, I still enjoy running my weekly game but after journaling hundreds of sessions my goal is to keep those memories alive by sharing their triumphs, disasters, and hilariously humiliating moments on the Pickled Dragon as well as in print.



Our Friends at D20 Stitchery.



The Pickled Dragon has had many travelers come through its doors.  While most stumble out hours later after having their fill of the Dragon’s finest brew there are some, like our good friend Mariana, who have claimed a stool at the bar as their own.  Mariana, the magical seamstress at D20 Stitchery, offers fine dice bags as well as other RPG essentials of the highest quality.  Allow me to introduce Mariana!


Born with a Mind for Magic.


Nerd-dom starts in the womb – I do not remember a time when I was not reading comic books or fantasy / sci-fi novels.  By the time I reached college, I had been a regular to Bristol Renaissance Faire and discovered the joy of costuming.  My college years were, perhaps, the most formative and influential of my geeky life as I attended a college club sign-up event and found that I could join a medieval group, anime club and sci-fi / fantasy guild.  This trifecta of glory was where I learned the skills of creating cosplays and garb, as well as how to slaughter an entire orc army with my Goliath Frenzied Berzerker.

Spending the Skill Points.


Once out of college, I continued to sew and create costumes, slowing building my skills with thread and needle. Not content to limit myself to one art medium, I took up stained glass crafts to give myself a challenge.  Now, I am on a journey to combine my love of all things nerdy with all things crafty.

Making Real Magic.


D20 Stitchery is run by Mariana, an avid gamer (video and tabletop), cosplayer and lover of all things geeky. She started in college, where she helped to sew garb for her college’s medieval guild, then cosplays for the conventions she attended with the sci-fi guild and anime club. This love of sewing has carried over into the gaming realm, where she now makes dice bags and draw-string gaming totes. Because one art medium is never enough, she has taken up stained glass crafting, where she creates intricate stained glass dragon boxes and gaming art.